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Our History

Our club was born on Christmas Eve 2005. Our founder's wife wasn't too happy with him making his regular trip to Cleveland to see the Browns host the Steelers since it was Christmas Eve. They reached a compromise. He agreed to skip the game and watch it at a local bar - the Plymouth Pub.

He thought he would be watching the game alone, but ran into another Browns fan.  The game stunk but the new friends drowned their sorrows together they agreed to meet and to watch some games the following season. The Southeast Michigan Browns Backers were born. 

The club is growing stronger every year and is the largest in Michigan. We meet at Bailey's Pub & Grill in two locations (Canton and Troy) to watch the games and generally fill the house with Brown and Orange. We have raffles every game day and also hold several events throughout the year. We are also committed to the precepts of all Backers' and make every effort to generate funds for local charities.

Maybe This YearWe usually get together for....

bullet Draft Day Party

bullet "Cry In Your Beer Bawl" - held every March

bullet Texas Hold 'Em Tournament

bullet Bus Trip to Cleveland for a game

bullet Special events with players and alumni

Membership is inexpensive ($10 for a single, $15 for family). Benefits are plenty. There is no obligation to participate in anything to become a member. Email us if you are interested in joining: club@MaybeThisYear.com.



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